About Us

About Us

Rakhi Rohit Jha, Founder


I believe that while we all live today in a fast paced world where nothing seems to be constant, indoor gardening may last longer than most. Many individuals like to live and work in planted greenspaces, and the majority want to be surrounded by attractive greenery. A view of the city park might boost job satisfaction, but you might be surprised to find that a potted plant can do the same thing. Indoor gardening reduces stress, increases creativity, productivity, and attention, and aids in the healing process. Houseplants may also improve the air quality in your home. Our aim at Pavitra Prakriti is to help you bring home such “breathing” plants in your living or working area and make your surroundings a happier, healthier place to be.

Our USPs

We are all about indoor plants

We provide F1 hybrid quality seeds

Refreshing plants that make us feel at ease

Self-watering pots are convenient and easy to maintain.

Recyclable plant packaging.

Express your feelings through plants

A well-cared houseplant is a present that keeps growing every day. It is an investment that will be admired for years and passed down through generations. So why not gift it to your loved ones? We have curated a vast collection of plants with utmost care. Select one based on your choice and cherish it for years.

What do we do?

We are a startup company that makes indoor plants. Apart from this, we also provide plant necessities like vegetable seeds, ceramic pots and planters, metallic pots & planters, and gardening kits & manures. Houseplant parenting can be challenging, so we make sure you have all the right plants and essentials that fit your plant needs to embark on this journey.

Our Mission

We at Pavitra Prakriti aspire to bring plants to every house all over India and generate a range of clients who are more like family than customers. We want to create environmentally sustainable houseplants by using high-quality seeds and, in the process, reducing the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.